noun /true, persona/

The search for our human and inner identity is a lifelong struggle. The quest for answers on who we really are and what makes us human is a journey took several times by many. It takes a dig in history and in ourselves to understand the patterns humans have taken and the road that lead to where we are now.

TRUSONA is a continuation of a thinking process explored by artist  Elmuontasir over several projects and mediums. Starting from “Trueface” in 2016 that touched on exploring one’s inner identity, as the artist portrayed the many personalities we carry within us in abstract, colorful forms. 

Through Trusona he expresses the concept developed by the American FBI on an application with the same title that works on identifying people and collecting their data in a system recognisable by faceprints and numbers that would replace passwords. Elmuontasir expresses the system’s indifference to human nature and to one’s ideas, cultures and preferences, he shares the notions in the portraits of Trusona that are accompanied by a numbering system that is derived from an ancient science that combined letters and numbers and with a certain method and calculations, the combination of those numbers have a powerful effect on one’s life. 

Elmuontasir’s intreset are highly expressed in his work as he combines his unique techniques with research and the result is a thoughtful work of art.

Curator: Reem Aljeally

Mixed media on cardboard – 56*65 cm
Mixed media on cardboard Size : 55 x 65 cm

About the artist:

Elhassan Elmuontasir, born in 1986, Omdurman, Sudan is an independent artist, designer and artist-run space manger with a background in Graphic Designing, technical education, International relations and Fine art, he has co founded ‘ Khaish Studio’ in Khartoum 2012 since then he has been a part of various of art collaborative exhibitions and artist residencies with artists curators and art centers in Khartoum and other countries including Uganda, India, Germany, Kenya and Nigeria he was a part of sudan moves project a sudanese german project on art and crisis.