Art Education is a fundamental part of The Muse’s mission to enrich the art scene and support the artists first by providing them with all the knowledge they need and skills to further improve at what they like to do!

Canvas preparing and painting with Bakri Moaz

A painting workshop hosted by artist Bakri Moaz covers the basics of acrylic painting from the very beginning of making your own canvas to the techniques used in painting. This workshop is a part of the basics of painting series by Bakri and each workshop will last three days.

Introduction to calligraphy with Teratoma

Introduction to calligraphy, is a workshop is for beginners that goes through the basics of how to use a calligraphy pen, the right grip and position of your body. It will also talk about calligraphy tools, the basics of Gothic script (English) and Riqaa (Arabic). And finally getting to know the art of Calligraffiti. 
The workshop is presented in collaboration with calligraphy and graffiti artist Teratoma @tera_249 and a founding member of @249writers

Basics of Drawing with Mosab Zakaria

Mosab is a visual artist working in the field of character design and illustration for several fields, including video games and animation and more for a number of studios around the world, in addition to starting an initiative where he gives free drawing workshops in different states.

Portraits with Yasir Algrai

Portrait workshop with Yasir Al-garai, a graduate of the Faculty of Arts and a participant in many large exhibitions and experienced in portraiture and colouring. With Yasir, we will learn the composition of mass, light and shadow, mixing and composition with colours, in addition to all the basics of drawing and colouring portraiture.