What’s left of autumn

About the artist:

Yasir Ahmed Mohammed Al-Grai, Born in Khartoum in 1993, graduated from Sudan university of science and technology, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Department of Print Design, in 2016.
An artist who is active in the Sudanese art scene, he participated in many group exhibitions, workshops and murals before and during the revolution and a member of the Sfarjit Cultural Group.
He worked with The Muse recently in November where he facilitated a portraits workshop.
His artworks reflect his interest in various topics, one of which is movement.
He is recently working on a project titled: The return to the countryside.

About the collection:

The Exhibition consists of four collections focusing on the body mass of the Sudanese girl, as he tried to dissect it to get satisfying results. 

His Studies focus on:

  • The Physical and Spiritual state.
  • Sudanese costumes.
  • Sudanese upbringing and traditions.  
  • The physical dominance.

Titles and information