DECAYING BANK: Reproducing Khartoum Visually

The project represents an artistic residency that seeks to work on Khartoum on two levels, the first is a research production on Khartoum and its representations in visual art, and then reconstruct a model from which a different visual production exudes, based on the critical view that was provided through the critical engagement that takes place, and through this work will be produced (A group of visual artworks) carrying these themes.

Stories from the cubs

This program uses the arts as a catalyst to reach and connect to vulnerable youth, promoting positive change and forging constructive connections between youth in vulnerable stages and their community.

The Muse Art Sessions

The Muse art sessions are a call for artists and art enthusiasts to connect, create and make art in a shared, welcoming environment. The Muse hosted their first art session in December 2019, where we hosted a number of local artists in different fields to paint, communicate and talk art.

Previous programs:

Sawti zine launch

Sawti is an East-African literature project focusing on Sudanese and Tanzanian Literature. The Zine is a platform for East African artists (both local and diasporic) from different disciplines to have their work showcased. A lot of the cross collaboration is facilitated in our workshops with artists in London, Birmingham, Dar esSalaam, Zanzibar and Khartoum, however there is also an open callout that allows the zine to encompass a wider reach.

Visual Poetry workshop

In August 2020, in collaboration with AlMursal we hosted a Visual Poetry workshop facilitated by Reem Aljeally and Eisra Mohammed.
The workshop aimed to inform visual artists on the relationship between art and poetry and to explore the creative process and as a result produce VISUAL POETRY. The art created through this workshop was be displayed throughout AlRisala “monthly newsletter by AlMursal”

Women’s month program

A workshop in collaboration with AMNA organisation in celebration of International Women’s day on the topic of using art as an advocacy tool to speak of violence about women.