Mankind is a blessed creature and one that holds competencies that enables the development and cultivation of Earth. Humans are inherited with the gift of consciousness and mind and thus responsible for the creation of civilization and culture. Given the quest for resources causing heated race between individuals and between communities.

In this context and the meet of what’s physical and that which is spiritual, the quest is diverse to the pure physical and the broad faith and spiritual models. In the midst of these the mind becomes a pendulum that enjoys the pleasures of the materials and looks for purpose and holiness throughout the journey.

About the artist:

Abubakr Moaz (Bakri Moaz) is a plastic artist and a student at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts in Sudan University of Science and Technology. Born and raised in Khartoum, Bakri opened his atelier in 2017 which opened up a great sea of opportunities and started to become a force in the local art scene. Bakri has been a part of many exhibitions, art fairs and art projects or workshops. His art was also curated for international exhibitions. In his art Bakri commonly discusses the relationship between the material and the spiritual. He focuses on the human search for truth or for that which is named divine. His works can also be interpreted as a raw reflection of the search for purpose and the quest of life.