Founded in 2019 by Sudanese visual artist, Reem Aljeally, The Muse multi studios is a creative enterprise that aims to promote the spread of arts in our community (with a focus on visual arts) and establish life long learning opportunities between participants.


A suitable environment for artists and art enthusiasts to learn, work and allow for creativity and also a vibrant destination for visitors and tourists by presenting the best cultural experiences within an artistically significant context.


Our mission is to promote creativity by providing spaces and activities that support the creation, production and understanding of arts and culture in our community.


Curatorial work

We curate, coordinate, plan and present visual art exhibitions and public programming activities.


Art Education and artistic development is a fundamental part of The Muse’s mission to enrich the art scene and support the artists first by providing them with all the knowledge they need and skills to further improve at what they like to do in the form of programs, workshops and trainings.

Art sessions

The Muse art session is a call for visual and performing artists and art enthusiasts to gather, create, showcase and speak about art in a shared space by hosting an event once every month.


With the connections we built over our many events and projects, The Muse has wide network of creators and artists in many disciplines. Providing services that range from gallery and exhibitions setup, artists sourcing, art related programs and more.


We are open for collaborations and partnerships in programs and projects that  help young and emerging artists promote their art. Just let us know about your needs and requirements, and we will make your dream come true!