A place named embrace

Human nature is of a complex simplicity that is tied with emotions and the need for others. “A place named embrace” explores human relationships, emotions and expressions displaying an intimacy that is shown through Dahlia’s figurative paintings. In her visuals, she explores a personal journey of growth, change and confinement translated into a series of paintings depicting figures and characters of mostly earthly tones, portraits of minimal expression and the shared theme of togetherness that holds them all as a whole.

Dahlia Abdelilah is a Sudanese self taught artist and a figurative painter who’s work has been exhibited in Cairo, Washington Dc and Sudan. With her 3 years of experience at Khartoum International Community School as an art teacher assistant, she has gained a large insight into the Sudanese art scene and was able to curate 3 very successful shows at the school with artists like Kamala Ishaaq and others.

Currently, Dahlia works as a full time artist from her studio space that is located in Khartoum, Sudan where she creates mostly black and white illustrations and paintings of oil paint as her preffered medium.

Photo: Aymen Mohamed

My artwork explores social, cultural and gender issues by figurative paintings that employ themes of femininity with a focus on portraying body language that reflects their moods and emotions. I began painting as a way of dealing with family matters, relationships and social limitations that we, as women, face on a daily basis. As a self taught artist; I continue to develop new techniques to express my ideas better and explore art through different mediums such as black and white illustrations , mixed media and mainly oil paint. My art aims to convey feminine sexuality, embrace women and the relationships between gender.