Quarantine: A take of a couple Sudani artists.

Written by: Muhaned Bedawi

In case you somehow missed it…
the world hasn’t been feeling okay with the year 2020. Everywhere is closed, we’re not supposed to go out, and our options to be productive are very limited. Everywhere you go it’s either closed or just “unhealthy areas”. And that’s all around the world from the far east to the west, every place in the world has got the new fashion of 2020 [Covid-19].

Safe to say it changed our lives in a very harsh way. And the nation of Sudan is no different. This pandemic did hit pretty HARD in almost every aspect of society, (small businesses, shops & cafes, …etc).  

While in the end most of us have been struck of boredom with quarantine…
it was a time where you didn’t expect much you just wanted to survive. BUT!! It was also a time artist went to work. Using their creative minds & vision to inspire the rest us to get through time, Helping themselves and other. They spoke, they wrote, and they painted.

The Muse reached out to 2 amazing local underground artists here in Sudan who kept it busy with their work, trying along the way to spread a beautiful message of their own. They made outstanding work and tried/succeeded to do what is needed to make this time less hard on themselves and others.

One artist who kept the work in is Ghada Malik..

An artist who is locally known for her beautiful pieces of the African culture. Like most artists she was affected by the full shutdown of shops and bookstores, feeling helpless and bored it was very hard on her, but she did mange around that. Like most of us she did find herself in a harsh loop sometimes, creating more than painting in times .. feeling so heavy she can’t lift a brush in others. Pulling to provide joy and smiles to others..

Her massage to us was:

“I encourage everyone to look after their mental and physical health during this rough time, this too shall pass”

Ghada is creative, hardworking, and amazing. Ghada is an ARTIST.

Another artist is Essra Elamin.

A college student who is also a remarkable human being that LIVES the arts. From a young age she was gifted, exploring all soft ways to create art, find her shews while doing so. She started her journey in the long pass of 2017 where soon after she started making a name of herself being an artist with eye catching & beautiful portraits.
With the huge surprise that is the year 2020 she found herself surfing from huge disadvantage mentally with quarantine, from anxiety attacks, and some sort of depletion, and even stop being positive about everything. Giving those voices in her head a brush to paint amazing artworks of her expiration.

Essra Elamin: A unique soul and a painter. In the end that is truly is was artists thrives, a motive; a reason to express and to show what it can be like to turn what we fear and despise into something beautiful and meaningful. A message both Ghada and Ersra delivered beautifully with their works.

And in this unclear time we all hope we can do just that, whether it was by a painting, writing a poem, or even just a happy and positive thought.
We all deserve a break 😊

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