INTO THE GALLERY is back with an Open Call!

Bait Alnisa is a platform dedicated to Sudanese female art, a project of The Muse. Bait Alnisa celebrates its anniversary in August each year with an exhibition dedicated to female artists, titled “Into the gallery: Young Sudanese female artists pop up show”, that includes works ranging from painting, design, sculpture, photography and fashion. Into The Gallery 2021 included 23 Sudanese young visual artists and received over 700 guests in the course of 2 days.

This year, we would like to encourage all female artists to apply to be part of this exhibition, join our community and get a chance to display amongst outstanding artists.

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DECAYING BANK: Reproducing Khartoum Visually

The project represents an artistic residency that seeks to work on Khartoum on two levels.

Artists Residency – 2022

The Muse multi studios is a creative enterprise that aims to promote the spread of arts in our community (with a focus on visual arts) and establish life long learning opportunities between participants.

Kamala Ishaq: More than 50 years in drawing

Inspired heavily by the works and spirituality of William Blake, Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq explored this theme and its similarities to the Sudanese spiritual act of “Zar” – a form of exorcism  – between the years 1964 and 1966 during her studies at the Royal College of Arts in London. A theme that she continued to explore in further years along with personal themes that influenced her works and her drawings from this collection featuring some of Ishaq’s work between 1960 and 2000 in an outstanding journey with drawing spanning for over 50 years.

Coming this 2022

Creative space

The Muse was created to change the way people see and experience arts and culture in their daily lives. We aim to enable everyone to discover and deepen their engagement with the arts and their own creativity.

Promoting arts

We aim to help make a change by introducing youth to artistic and cultural activities and to professional artists, and by creating links between exposure to the arts and the experience of making it.

Connecting the dots

By providing spaces and activities that promote the creation, production and understanding of arts and cultural activities, we aim to enable everyone to discover, enjoy and deepen their engagement with the arts and their own creativity.

2022 Calendar: 12 illustrators celebrate Sudanese culture

The exhibition includes the works of 12 Sudanese illustrators that were chosen to be displayed in the Spanish embassy’s 2022 calendar.

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Meet some of the artists we worked with